YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok: Which One Is Better? [2023 Updated]

YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok

The YouTube Shorts app is TikTok’s main rival in the global market. Since TikTok and Instagram Reels have been such a success, YouTube does not want to be left behind. With a platform for quick 60-second videos, YouTube Shorts eventually began offering short-form videos last September. It’s competition time. So if you want to know YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok: Which One Is Better? Then continue reading our article till the end!

How Do They Differ?

YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok

Here are some basics to get you started. YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok: Which One Is Better? Short videos are the foundation of TikTok’s social media platform. A 15-second video can be created and shared using the app. There are also longer formats available. Moreover, you can upload free videos of up to 60 seconds with YouTube Shorts, another video upload option on YouTube.

There are some critical differences between TikTok and YouTube Shorts, despite their similar design.


Videos of short duration are available on both sites. Besides, users can view all videos under an audio’s library and creators can add music from their audio libraries. Videos can be viewed, watched, liked, commented on, shared, reached, and impressions can be tracked. Both mobile and desktop devices can be used to view these analytics.

Furthermore, you can access the engagement menu on the right side of both the TikTok feed and Shorts feed when using a full-screen immersive experience. Users can watch and discover endless videos on their feeds, which scroll the same way. On either app, the next video plays automatically, but it doesn’t auto-scroll.  Creating content and earning money from it are both possible with both tools.  

Direct subscriptions and followings are available for both feeds. Videos can be sped up or slowed down, and timers can be set to help filmmakers control the filming process. Videos that creators have previously filmed can be uploaded to TikTok and Shorts. Both can be enhanced with overlay text and closed captions. Moreover, creators can choose between making their videos public or private, so anyone can see them.

YouTube vs. TikTok: How they work

YouTube Shorts

Furthermore, YouTube Shorts should be our first topic of discussion. Essentially, YouTube Shorts are videos that are 60 seconds or less in length, and YouTube Shorts focuses on short-form content. To meet the growing demand for quick, engaging content, these clips are easy to consume and share. Besides, in the YouTube app, users can create videos using the Shorts camera. Music, text, and filters can be added to short clips with this software. Search results and users’ Shorts feeds display Shorts once they are uploaded.


Moreover, the TikTok app offers short videos lasting up to 10 minutes, much like YouTube Shorts. Its built-in camera and editing tools are frequently used to create TikToks. Once videos have been uploaded to the platform, viewers can discover videos according to their interests. Moreover, the viral potential of TikToks is further enhanced by their ability to be shared across multiple social media platforms.

Pros and Cons



The reach is broad: Several billion users use TikTok each month, as we mentioned earlier. Businesses can reach a wide range of potential customers through this.

Unique format: Among the first vertical videos on the market, TikTok offers short-form video. Creative businesses can use it for their marketing campaigns to stand out.

Algorithm driven by engagement: As part of its algorithm, TikTok emphasizes engagement, giving you the chance to serve up your content to people with an interest in it. By doing this, you can maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaigns.


Advertising options are limited: Advertisers on TikTok have two options: in-feed ads or brand takeovers. There are advantages and disadvantages to both options. You may not have enough time to tell your brand’s story with 60-second in-feed ads, for example. Small businesses may not be able to afford brand takeovers due to their cost.

Curve of learning: Creating compelling content for TikTok is a learning curve since it’s a new platform with a unique format. Using TikTok effectively requires time and patience, so you may want to consider another platform. 

Popularity may be short-lived: Moreover, there is a possibility that TikTok will no longer be popular. Vine used to be king, remember? It’s important to prepare yourself for the possibility that TikTok might lose its popularity if you spend time and resources marketing on the platform.

YouTube Shorts


Broad reach: The number of monthly active users on YouTube exceeds 2 billion. Your Shorts will be able to reach a wide audience.

Great at repurposing content: Video content can be used to create Shorts.

Shorts are prominently displayed on YouTube: You can watch short-form videos in a dedicated carousel on YouTube’s homepage. The fact that they are evident means that many people may see them. 

Shorts can drive traffic to your site: Shorts can be used to drive traffic and sales to your website or product.

It’s easy to make: Just use the YouTube app on your smartphone to create Shorts. 

Support for creators is excellent: Multi-segment editing and music in the app make video creation on YouTube easier.


Shorter shelf-life than traditional videos: Their purpose is to be consumed as soon as possible. The more content you create, the more consistent your presence will be on the platform.

Optimization is still needed: There is a possibility that fewer people will see your videos than you would like. YouTube may continue to tweak its algorithm in the future.

You may not be a good fit for this type of content: If your business cannot profit from small, quick videos, then this feature may not be for you.


Question 1: Which one pays more TikTok or YouTube Shorts?

Answer: A thousand views on TikTok will earn you $0.02 – $0.04 in revenue. Per 1000 views, YouTube pays an average of $18.00.

Question 2: Has YouTube Shorts surpassed TikTok?

Answer: YouTube Shorts surpasses TikTok and Instagram Reels with 2 billion monthly views. YouTube Shorts are watched by more than 2 billion users every month. In its Q2 results for 2023, Google revealed this.

Bottom Line

YouTube Shorts vs. TikTok: Which One Is Better? What do you think? In the following comment zone, I would like to hear about your experiences with YouTube Shorts vs TikTok. Besides, we have come to the end of this post. Furthermore, our team will respond to any questions you may have about this post as soon as possible if you leave them in the comments section.

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