What Are YouTube Shorts? Everything Explained

Getting your audience engaged on social media is as easy as adding new features or creating different types of content. In the past few months, YouTube Shorts has become one of its most popular features. Don’t know What Are YouTube Shorts? It’s okay, you aren’t behind the times. Creating short-form video content is likely to be something you have already done.

What Are YouTube Shorts? 

YouTube Shorts can be created on your phone or pulled from a longer video using the app. Video content can be edited with the app, music can be used from YouTube, and short videos can be combined with each other. Moreover, your brand’s main YouTube account or company website can be linked directly to these shorts, so they can be shared, commented on, liked, and viewed.

What are Youtube Shorts

Where Do YouTube Shorts Appear?

In addition, there are many places where shorts can be found in the YouTube app, so even people who don’t subscribe can find them. Dedicated shorts tabs are available in the mobile app. Located at the bottom of the screen is a “Shorts” button. The same tab can be accessed from the left-hand panel of YouTube’s website.

Also, as users scroll through the homepage of the YouTube app, Shorts may appear. The Shorts can be watched alongside regular YouTube videos. Shorts automatically pause the video when the viewer clicks on them, and resume when they close them.

Why should creators use YouTube shorts?

There are many benefits of posting short-form videos: 

  • Discovering your YouTube videos is easier with the app since your channel is more visible
  • Vertical video templates help you create videos faster
  • The aspect ratio can be resized on YouTube content that has already been posted
  • Create more frequent uploads and save time on video editing
  • Make new videos by experimenting with different editing styles and storytelling approaches
  • Short-form content attracts new viewers and increases subscriber counts
  • Making video sharing, liking, and commenting easier will increase engagement
  • Remix YouTube shorts created by other YouTubers
  • The public shorts videos with 10 million views in the last 90 days are now eligible to be monetized sooner

Can YouTube Shorts Be Monetized?

One pressing question is what is the possibility of monetizing YouTube Shorts for content creators who want to earn a living through YouTube. According to YouTube Shorts‘ official policy, these videos cannot be monetized at the time of writing. Consequently, content creators cannot monetize their shorts through advertisements.

But YouTube has instead introduced a $100 million Shorts Fund as a way to compensate video creators. In order to reward creators who create creative and entertaining shorts, YouTube awards bonus money to selected creators every month.

YouTube Shorts Tips You Should Know

Determine the length

Moreover, you don’t have to use the entire minute duration for the Shorts, but they should be no longer than 60 seconds. You should value your viewer’s time and strive to convey your message concisely. 

Create Custom Thumbnails

It is just as important for viewers to click on thumbnails as it is for YouTube videos in general. If the vertical video plays non-stop automatically, why would you need a thumbnail? Yes, you are right. You can also watch regular YouTube videos on channels, apart from those that are Short. To get users to watch your short videos, you must create an attractive thumbnail.

Use YouTube Stories

Your YouTube Shorts can be promoted using YouTube Stories. Use the highlights of your best Shorts to create engaging stories for your audience. Your content will be more likely to be viewed by the user because he knows about your work. Moreover, when you use YouTube Stories, you’ll gain new subscribers and engage your audience more than 3 times. Moreover, a user can only share stories if they have more than 10,000 subscribers. Children’s accounts and accounts under supervision are also restricted from sharing stories.

Make Valuable Shorts

Posting short, precise, and valuable content is more important than just posting random content. You can be sure that viewers will not engage with your channel if they do not find your Shorts valuable. All that needs to be done is to extract the user’s view. By doing this, you will no longer be able to offer them new content and subscriptions.

In addition to the content of your YouTube post, you should produce Shorts relevant to your niche. You can also use shorts to build excitement for your audience by introducing new products and services.

Be Consistent

Furthermore, regardless of the type of content you upload to YouTube, you must be consistent with your uploads. Your audience will become familiar with your brand if you consistently upload Shorts.

You need to plan your YouTube channel’s content and post it on a regular basis. Schedule your videos on YouTube so that they are automatically published at the right time. As a result, your subscribers will not be disappointed when you upload a new video on a regular basis.

Post short, concise content

Furthermore, shorts on YouTube offer a quick way to entertain or learn. People are slowly becoming aware of the benefits of these videos. Shorts mustn’t be longer than a minute so as not to spoil their anticipation. Use YouTube Short to communicate your point clearly, and concisely. Stick to the routine and keep this in mind.


Question 1: How much YouTube Short pay for 1,000 views?

Answer: You can now earn money on YouTube using YouTube Short. If your Shorts reach 1,000 views, you’ll get paid. The maximum income you can earn from your Shorts is $24 for every 1,000 views. It is still possible for YouTube Shorts to earn $0.10 per 1,000 views despite having a few views.

Question 2: Can Shorts be monetized?

Answer: You will be able to earn from ads and YouTube Premium in the Shorts Feed once your monetizing partners accept the Shorts Monetization Module. Your channel’s eligible Shorts views will be eligible for Shorts ad revenue sharing as soon as you accept the offer.

Final Thoughts

I hope after reading our article which is about What Are YouTube Shorts, your all confusion got cleared. There is a bright future for Shorts, and it will only get better over time as the beta version is tested and improved. By adopting this technology early, you can take advantage of its advantages.

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