Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts [2023 Updated]

Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts have recently gained popularity among content creators on YouTube. How should YouTube Shorts be edited? Not sure where to begin when it comes to creating and editing YouTube Shorts? It can be overwhelming to choose the right app for editing YouTube shorts since there are so many available on the market. You’re in good hands with us. These Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts will help you edit and create YouTube Shorts. You can produce high-quality videos with these apps, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced creator. So let’s get started:

8 Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts

InShot: Video Editor & Maker

InShot Video Editor and Maker

This application has the unique feature of allowing you to apply filters to videos simply by clicking one click, even if you have little knowledge of Best Video Editing Apps. I’ll take care of it. Using this, you can make videos of YouTube shorts or full videos that can be uploaded to YouTube based on how much the application is liked.

In this application, you can add slow motion videos, fast videos, animation text, keyframes, and transitions to your videos.


Filmora-GO is best for YouTube Shorts

FilmoraGo is a popular IT professional application created by Wondershare. Creating videos on your smartphone is easy when you use templates or start from scratch. You only need to add the required number of video clips if you choose a template. A variety of stickers, effects, and background music tracks can be found in FilmoraGo. Filmora watermark appears on the free version of the app, and 720p resolution is sufficient for phone viewing.

VN – Video Editor or Shorts Maker

VN - Video editor or shorts maker

VN might be the video editing software you have been looking for for quite some time. Your search is over, but don’t worry, you’ve found it. The free VN application allows you to do almost everything for free, including adding music, animations, transitions, and speed adjustments. Texts can be edited using a wide variety of font types, effects, and sizes. All you have to do is insert videos or images and then insert keyframe animations. The application can create animations with keyframes and has several animation templates already pre-loaded.


Imovie YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts are often edited with iMovie. YouTube videos can be created easily with its wide range of features. iMovie has the advantage of being easy to use. Even beginners can easily learn and use it because of its simple, intuitive interface. Premade templates and drag-and-drop editing tools help you quickly create videos that look professional.

You can also customize your videos using some of iMovie’s great effects and transitions. iMovie’s built-in sharing capability is another great feature. Just a few clicks will let you export your creations directly to YouTube or share them via social media or email.


KineMaster is one of the best shorts editor

Android users can also edit videos with KineMaster. The video editing app provides precise editing controls and is one of the best. Its features and functionality won’t disappoint even the most experienced content creators. You can edit a YouTube short video easily and quickly with this app because it features a user-friendly interface.

Video elements can be added to your videos in almost any way. The app also contains interesting music tracks in addition to the cool emojis and filters. Multiple music tracks and video elements can be added to the timeline. Your video can also have text added. Your audience can be engaged with short videos created with KineMaster.



The features offered by YouCam are unique and unlike anything else on the market. Makeup, for instance, can be used to edit videos. Additionally, the app lets you customize your hairstyle, makeup, and more. Content creators, especially female ones, would appreciate that. Influencers, in particular, can find YouCam extremely useful when talking about makeup items. Your presentation will be unique and will enable you to showcase yourself and your company.

Changing your hair color is also possible. The skin tone can also be edited in a similar manner. A number of interesting features are available in YouCam.


Quik editor

Quik editing has many advantages. As far as mobile video editing applications go, it offers almost everything you could possibly need. GoPro, a very reputable action camera manufacturer, also developed the app. Using the app doesn’t require a GoPro account, which is a nice feature. It can be downloaded by anyone with a smartphone and edited as many times as they want. The app is free to download. In-app purchases may be required for some advanced features. Several filters and 18 soundtracks are available in the free version.

The video has a multi-speed feature that makes it unique. Furthermore, you’ll receive 18 royalty-free music tracks, along with filters and soundtracks.

VSDC Free Video Editor

VSDC Free Video Editor

YouTube shorts can be edited easily with VSDC Free Video Editor. Using video editing software, you can create high-quality videos for a minimum cost. Even those who are new to video editing can easily learn and use the software due to its intuitive interface. With the software, you can create visually appealing videos in various formats, including 4K and HD.

As well as great tools to help with video editing, VSDC comes with a wide range of useful features. Clips can be rearranged, transitions and effects can be added, and audio settings can be adjusted in the timeline editor. Users can get the perfect look for their videos with the color correction tool included in the software. In addition, VSDC allows direct uploading to YouTube through social sharing options.


Question 1: Can I use a mobile app to edit YouTube shorts?

Answer: YouTube shorts can be created on-the-go with some mobile apps. There are several apps that offer video editing features, including InShot.

Question 2: Does YouTube Shorts have an editor?

Answer: By editing short videos and filming content through YouTube Shorts, you can create short films. Once you have recorded your Short, explore all the tools you can use to create it.

Final Thoughts

Despite the abundance of content producers, there is also lots of noise. Whether you’re trying to become a freelance creator or chase your dreams, one thing is certain – it’s never been easier. Here’s a list of Best Video Editor for YouTube Shorts to try in 2023. I hope you will help you select your favorite one from the list easily.

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